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2010-02-12 a message from James

Salamu Alaykum everyone!
Hope you are all well...

Just a little message from very sunny Dubai...there ARE perks in this life, and in Dubai and the Middle East they are more pronounced! We work very hard, as you all know, and so when the time comes for us to chill a little, and swim, and eat, and drink, and catch the rays...I am sure you are all delighted for us! Aren't you?
Had a great time in Qatar last week and love our time at the Ramada in Doha
(Qatar) - Check it out, as if you ever want to have JUST sun and swimming and good food... Concert went well there, sold-out. The rooms are themed...Colm and I had Arabian rooms, Daryl and Matthew had Japanese rooms (obviously 4 rooms in total, in case you think we share!!).
Then we came to Dubai and had quite a bit of publicity, press and radios etc, which hopefully will help with all the concerts, especially tomorrow's one for Haiti...

When we are in Dubai, we normally stay at the Westin...I think I could perhaps live here for ever... I have a garden room, which opens out to my private little terrace, and then to the pools (yes there are several,and a lazy river!)and then to the private beach. Check it out, and the photos...can highly recommend it again if you JUST want a holiday with great food, and endless sun and swimming! The lunch and dinner buffets have EVERY possible cuisine on offer!
The Middle East trips don't offer too much in the way of scenery, but certainly for comfort, sun, service, etc etc... second to none! was our last day off, and that is why I am writing. Tomorrow is the first of SIX concerts in a row...not all are listed on the website, as we don't normally list private events etc. Tomorrow of course is the one for Haiti, so fingers crossed we get a good crowd! Sunday is a Valentine's night in The Club.Then we are in Oman for a day on Monday.Then Dubai for private event on Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday in Abu Dhabi...and then home to cold and rain!

Anyway, love to EACH and EVERY SINGLE one of you!
Just wanted to say Hi to y'all!