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2010-12-24 Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh Go Leir from James

Hi Everyone, from VERY SNOWY WHITE Ireland!

Well, we sang asking for a "White Christmas" in Dublin last week, and one man boo-ed us (just a joke I think, I hope...), and we certainly are going to have what we wished for....but already I kinda want the snow to disappear!

Forgive me/us for not having been in touch sooner, but TRULY we have had no days off until the day after Belfast, and the driving conditions are pretty awful here... Galway to Dublin to Belfast in particular was at times beyond scary!! But our tour is now over, and despite MANY people chickening out of leaving their houses... we had pretty good turn-outs most places, and Derry was the only cancellation.

So you heard about the new album on Concord Records (a branch of Telarc) which will have  a worldwide release next heard on radio? * It is very exciting for nobody is getting record deals these days..with everyone downloading etc... VERY happy about this, and we will be in studio in January. Now to focus on losing weight for the photo shoot...AAAGGGGHHHH!

Colm has done GREAT in his first few months, and so happy you have all reviewed him in such a good way...! HE is FAB, on many levels... When David left, we were VERY upset and wondered how we'd continue.... then Colm Henry came along and saved the day and we all adored him and his talents...again when he left we were devestated.... But somehow life DOES go on, and now we have 'new' Colm, and he is talented, funny and great to be around.... Life goes on, eh? We are SO LUCKY to have found him.

THANKS to all our WONDERFUL Moderators again for another great year, but next year with a new album, and hopefully an extended Christmas album too (we just need to record a few more tracks to fill it out...), and Chinese, Dutch, North American, and UK tours.... you may be busier Ladies in 2011!
THANK YOU ALL, for ALL you do!

Have a wonderful Christmas, one and all, and love to each and every one of you, James.

* The guys have been on BBC Radio Ulster on Dec, 21. You can listen to the show for about a week. The guys are on around 1.10 hr and here's the link: