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2010-11-27 a message from James

Hi everyone,

Lovely night in Port Hawkesbury on Cape Breton last night....hence the Arcadian reference... Now in Nova to Fredericton tomorrow...
All is going well. We are having lovely crowds, who seem to 'get us'... we hope! Colm continuing to do great too...

We have only met Colm's Dad so far... Pat... a lovely man...
Spoken on the phone to Colm's Mum once or twice...she sounds totally adorable, and we can't wait to meet her. It's no wonder Colm is such a lovely, well-brought-up, polite young gentleman (to say nothing of his incredible talent), with parents like that... I am so looking forward to meeting Mary Rogan... She sounds like a truly special lady.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all south of the border... I think I'm a day late...we were working of course... hope y'all had a good 'un! (That was my Rocky Mount accent...).

I think you already know...but Daryl has been nominated for an IMA Award in the category of "Best Irish Tenor"... kinda cool! I have added the info to our Homepage...but am having trouble making the link live... Not sure how people vote...but maybe someone cleverer than me, like a Moderator, can figure that one out! *

And now...lots to do...must dash...but remembering to give my love to each and every one of you!

* to vote please visit the Irish Music Association Website - you have to register to be able to vote.