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2010-10-27 a message from Matthew

Hi Guys, I hope you are all doing very well,
Just a little drama to report and maybe a little TV opportunity for the CTs..


We have been totally snowed in, in Regina airport. We will try to get out tomorrow morning for our Powell River show it's amazing, this weather happened so very fast. In one way I'm kinda excited to stay in an airport overnight, a first for me. But, we have just sung "you `aint goin' nowhere for a cameraman for CBC who thinks we might be on CBC national tonight. You might keep an eye out for us.

Thinking of you on this cold evening&.
Love, Matthew,(and all the lads too)



a little add-on from our dear friend Barb from Canada

I watched the CBC National News last night and was able to see the CTs singing at the airport with other snowbound passengers looking on. Unfortunately, they were only on for about 10 seconds but I could clearly see James singing a verse of 'you ain't goin' nowhere' with words adapted paying homage to the weather (snow!), Matthew in the middle and Daryl at the end strumming on his guitar.
Hope the lads spent a reasonable comfortable night at the airport and hope that they can travel today to BC for their concert tonight!