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2010-10-23 a message from James

Greetings from Prince Albert in Saskatchewan everyone!
Daryl of course has been getting all his Saskatchewan jokes out there over the past few days...

Q : "How do people amuse themselves in Saskatchewan for their day-off?"
A : "They watch their dog running away".
Q : "How do people amuse themselves for 5 days"?
A : "They stand on a chair and watch their dog running away?"
I know those are awful gags... but it is SO FLAT
This is Colm's first taste of Canada...and I'm not sure what he makes of the flatness...he's in for a shock in a couple of days in BC, eh?
Speaking of Colm, he really is INCREDIBLY talented, and is really settling in to his new role. He plays beautifully, truly. And is great fun, and can be VERY funny indeed...we have been lucky with our amusing MDs!!
Glad he got a little mention in the preview for Courtenay... As many of these concerts were booked in Colm HENRY'S time, it'll take a while for him to disappear from publicity etc., in the same way Daryl had to put up with it 4 years ago...

The "Sunday Indepenedent" will probably do the CD giveaway on December 4th...I think, but I'll confirm that later. We have recorded 7 tracks and if I may say so myself they sound pretty good... I can confirm there is a lovely version of "Oh Holy Night" with Colm Rogan debuting on the organ!
Also "Silent Night". After that...Hmmm...I'll leave you's more fun! 5 others...

"Songs of Praise" will be around Patrick's Day, or in Holy Week I think.
Originally we were asked to do Christmas but couldn't fit in a recording date.
"Songs of Praise" is hugely popular in the UK.

I am once again overwhelmed by you all in your kindness... I wasn't sure I should mention the Kenya calendars but then thought some of you may have been annoyed if you didn't know about them. But I never want to be pushy with my charity. I will be going to Sligo on Nov 2nd for the launch of Claire's calendars and greetings cards with the same pictures on them.

Robin has kindly offered her assistance in North America and I am SO grateful as ever to you Robin for that...but I am happy to post out calendars too... Thanks to Barb, Heather and Robin for managing all of this... I think I'll just buy a large amount of them from Claire on November 2nd and pay her for them and then we can sort out the logistics between us... Robin can talk to you all about the exchange rate we have suggested... THANK YOU ALL once again sincerely.

The tour is going very well... We had a wonderful night in Sherwood Park in Edmonton two nights ago...a really great evening. And Estevan also went very well indeed... LOVELY crowds so far... and I know we are to meet Nina and Felix next week... maybe some others too... ?

We have other exciting news waiting in the wings too...
More of that next time I hope...

In the meantime, love to each and every single one of you, James.