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2010-10-11 a message from James

We are in studio for the next two days, so out of contact...and then off to Canada after the Defence Force's Gala Evening.

It was just that...already...I have had several requests for Claire's calendars...which is GREAT! I am biased of course but I think for a 15 year-old she is an amazing child and is such a credit to her parents and her late Granny too!! (yes and her god-father!). Every cent of what she makes on the calendars will go to her Transition Year trip to the Kenyan slums... and any extra will go to pay food bills for the orphanages.

As there have been many requests already...and as I'm going down to Sligo in the first few days of November, I was wondering if it'd be possible to get a ROUGH estimate of how many I'll need to bring back... and maybe my contribution to her will be the postage and packing to anyone who wants one... or something... not sure...

Anyway, can anyone who wants one perhaps get in contact and I can bring them back from Sligo in November and hopefully post them out to you all... is that a good plan? Or do the Moderators have a better plan?
Thank you ALL in advance!
James X