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2010-10-04 a message from James

On a very short break mid-UK-tour... Well we are on a VERY short, but well-earned break, on our UK tour... Back there again tomorrow for a show in Newark.

It seems so strange that we live an hour away from the UK, we were signed there originally, and we have never been there really on tour...apart from our guest-slot with Dionne and a few other one-off dates. But it has been lovely to be back the words of Royalty Down Under...God's Country! Of course as you all know I lived in London for 10 years during my 'opera years'... but I don't think I could live there's just too big.

Glad you heard our little interview with Bridget on BBC Essex. She was an absolutely sweet lady...really lovely...and quite a well-known singer herself. I wasn't sure about her choice of music from our CDs she played, but I suppose we didn't know what she was gonna kind of our fault. Looks like there'll be a TV appearance within the next few months there too...more of that when we know more... I am sworn to secrecy. I thought you all had heard about the comment shouted out in Vancouver before? (But obviously not). It was hilarious...she timed it perfectly, and we had to pause even longer than usual. It was SO COOL. We have had many heckles in our career....99% of them lovely and funny...the one or two negative ones were always shouted down by others immediately. In fact I can only remember one...

Yes we are going to China next September supposedly. VERY excited about that. There are a billion people in China...say if half of them buy our CD...that's 500 million CDs! (Ok that was me trying to be funny and silly...forgive me!). No, I have always wanted to see China, and only been to Shanghai and Hong Kong briefly... so they say this will be a 15 date tour, so probably about 3 weeks, and it will be with a full Symphony orchestra!! More details of that later as they come through!! But needless to say we are all very excited, including our new VERY talented Musical Director.

Colm Rogan is WONDERFUL.... Colm is a wonderful Classical Pianist, and plays with great feeling... we are very lucky our paths crossed...hope he stays with us a long time.

On an entirely different note... and I hope it's ok to say this...but if any of you are looking for a Stocking Filler (for a very good cause) this Christmas... my niece Claire, my sister's eldest child, my god-daughter...MIGHT just have the answer. And can I point out at this stage that there is NO PRESSURE whatsoever, but I thought I'd just mention this. Claire is 15 and will be 16 next April. She has just got amazing results in her Junior Cert (8 As and 2 Bs...all in honours subjects). Now she is in Transition Year (I'm not sure if you all know what that means? Anyway...). She decided last year that she wanted to accompany me to Kenya next year, which means that I'll be building ONE more year...I thought I could just go to do music...but I'm doing ONE more year of construction). Claire's Art is INCREDIBLY strong for a 15 year-old.... she has done about 14 or 15 drawings/paintings of Kenyan Wildlife...and is making a calendar as one way to raise funds for her trip next June. (W eare also doing a concert in Markree Castle next January 30th...not the Tenors...just me and friends). Every cent from the calendar (and the concert) will go towards her Kenyan trip... The calendar will be launched in Sligo next month, and she hopes to sell about 1000 of them if possible! Every month has a beautiful depiction of a Kenyan animal. We think the calendar will cost about 10 euros, probably 10 dollars too (not sure about that bit)... If any of you want one we'd be thrilled, and as I say, every cent is going to our Transition Year Kenyan Trip. She will probably go for 2 weeks, and when I'm doing music with the kids, she'll do Art with the littlest ones. Then we will both build together. She is an amazing girl, who I am VERY proud of, and if you have a spare 10 euro/dollars and would like a Kenyan Wildlife calendar...that would be SO MUCH appreciated...and please spread the word if you the more she makes the more she can simply hand to Samuel to pay off outstanding bills too. Hope that is ok to say all that... (Perhaps we can work out a price to include P&P). Anyway...I'll leave it with you, and pressure!

And now... love to each and every single one of you.
James XO

And here's the link for the BBC radio interview mentioned above:

You can listen to the interview with the CTs on BBC Radio Essex for the next week at:

Just scroll down the schedule to Bridget Metcalfe and click on `7 days left to listen'.

The interview starts at approximately the 27 minute mark.

Our thanks go to Barb for finding this interview and the giving the time when the guys are on :-)