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2010-09-08 a message from James

It's been ages since we have done any cruises, and as we do them so rarely now, they are SUCH treats when they come along.

This one went from Civitavecchia (near Rome) via Itea, Kefalonia, Santorini to Kusadasi in Turkey...

I have always wanted to visit Santorini...and now I have I wasn't was spectacular. It was HOT...about 30 degrees... and I got a cable car up to the top and walked around, went to mass at the Dominican Convent where the nuns sang behind a grille (iron bars)...I couldn't see Whoopee anywhere...I took lots of pics of course and am sharing a few with you here.. Santorini was formed by volcanic eruptions only about 3000 years ago, so is relatively young. Then we left the boat in Turkey, and unfortunately we ALL lost ALL our baggage on the way home...AAAGGGHHH, and I'm still waiting for mine... Hmmm... Still a lovely trip. We have another cruise in November.

Thanks for SO many reviews, and it was so great to see SO many of you on our recent tour... Tom, Diane, (and Tom and Kim), Maggie Mae, Gary, John, Karen, Pat, Linda, Laurielei (first time!), Linda, Gary, Linda's Mum&Dad, Sue, Emily... and of course I will have left out people, and for that I apologise. I'm actually glad you all saw "Corina" with Scythian... yes it is highly embarrassing on one or more levels, but it was such fun, and hopefully that comes across. I think it's good people know we don't take ourselves too seriously!! We learned that song on the day, and improvised some harmonies, and definitely improvised some choreography!! The choir robes were sexy weren't they? (No - I hear you cry in unison!!). And there was no shoe Heather... no shoes, no socks, no shirts, no trousers... in fact we were pretty bare all round! Thankfully the robes were not see through...yes we still had our boxer shorts on... Full nudity is not a good plan where I'm concerned at least...

Yesterday Daryl and I had a rehearsal with Colm he is graduating (did you all know fact now he is graduated, since 3pm Irish time...told you he was young). He is a very talented player! Looking forward to you meeting him. A lovely guy...I am of course still sad that Colm Henry has left on several levels, but as I've said "Such is life...and life somehow still goes on...". So as a certain member of British Royalty Down Under would say - "Get over it!".

Our souvenir programmes have hardly sold at all, so not sure how popular they'll prove to be. Thanks to Linda for mentioning them! We like them too!

Have to go and call Aer Lingus again...cos I am bored now waiting for my bag!!!

Talk soon,
Love to each and every one of you...