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2010-08-07 a message from James

Hi Everyone, well by now you'll have heard the news, the sad news.

And it is sad news. But we thought it was important that someone so special to you all (and to us) as Colm could say his piece first before we said anything. Yes, you have read correctly...Colm is leaving at the end of August.

I suppose that's what comes with being in a group that has been around for more than a decade...MDs come and go... and we have been fairly lucky in that regard. But most recently we have been REALLY lucky. Colm Henry was a REAL FIND, both as a musician, an MD, and a friend, and we will miss him so much on tour... and that dry wit. What a funny guy.

When Colm told me first just after the Kenyan trip (he has said he wants to keep on the Kenyan work!), I have to say I was VERY upset on many levels...but hey goes on... and we of course as you all can see from our Dates have a very full diary, and so we had to look to get someone to fill Colm's shoes. Matthew asked our guitarist Martin Quinn, and it just so happened that there was a young guy in Martin's studio who had JUST graduated from Maynooth University in Music, and he is a classical pianist with very eclectic musical tastes... and yesterday after a two-hour rehearsal, we offered him the gig! And he accepted... (his mother Mary had been lighting candles for days seemingly)...

And who, you are all asking is filling Colm's HUGE shoes?

Another Colm, strangely enough. A guy called Colm Rogan from near Dundalk in County Louth, who is VERY young indeed, but very talented we think, and he is thrilled to be on board, and soon some of you will meet him in person. Colm Henry was born in the 1980s... and Colm Rogan was also born in the 1980s... but only just!!
It is of course INCREDIBLY sad that Colm Henry's time with The Celtic Tenors is coming to an end... but he's not moving to a rival group or anything... he is returning to college. And we do admire him for that, even though we are upset to see him go.

And as I say, life goes on... ho-hum... and we wish Colm ALL the very best indeed of course, and sincerely hope we keep in touch of course, which I'm sure we will.
I know Colm is very special to each and every one of you also who have had the privilege of meeting him, and that is why I wanted to get in soon after Colm let you all know...

Love to each and every one of you, and loads of love to Colm...BOTH of them!