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2010-08-06 a message from Colm

Hi Everyone, just to let all of you in the fanclub know...


I plan to return to college this September.  It wont be possible to combine full-time study with my role as Musical Director of the Celtic Tenors, so reluctantly Ive had to make the difficult decision and let the guys know of my plans. The upcoming tour to the US will sadly be my last, and my final concert will be on August 27th in Sellersville PA.


I have had the most amazing two and a half years since I started with the group. I have had truly memorable musical experiences with The Celtic Tenors and have seen parts of the world that Id had never dreamed of seeing otherwise.


Your support has been unwavering - Ive always been struck by what a welcoming, appreciative and friendly fanclub you are. It was really nice to see a familiar face in the audience no-matter where in the world we were - not to mention your kind reviews, birthday and Christmas greetings...and of course the presents and souvenirs which I will always treasure - Thanks to everyone.


What Ill miss most is undoubtedly the guys themselves  their friendship, sense of fun and total commitment to giving it their all at every single concert. Daryl, James, Matthew and Celestine back home have truly become very good friends to me. From my very first day they have always been supportive and encouraging to me as a young(ish!) musician finding his feet in a new environment. It has been a wonderful experience and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity  a sincere thank you guys.


Love to all,