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2010-08-04 a message from James

Hi Everyone! Just a little email to tell you about my amazing night on Sunday night...


First off, I didn't realise I was a Leonard Cohen fan, until I saw him live! WOW!


Mr Cohen was to play one night in Sligo, at Lissadell (my Mum's favourite place in Sligo) to a crowd of 10,000 people...first ever big concerts at Lissadell. His first night sold out almost immediately...people travelled from as far away as Australia. So they asked him and his management if he'd do a second night. Knowing he was a big Yeats fan, they enclosed a leather-bound collection of Yeats poetry, and I believe he was then putty in their hands. So two nights sold out, and I was lucky enough to be given a ticket while I was in Nairobi by Gerry Cunningham!!


I knew I knew lots of his songs, but I was unprepared for him live. It was mind-blowing....he was almost 4 hours on stage! Such a generous performer on many levels, also very funny! He sang ALL of his big songs. He came on stage at 8pm, and sang his last 'official song' at 11.15pm... but gave us 7 or 8 encores!!


The band were STUNNING. His Backing singers (are you listening Down Under??) were WONDERFUL, and each had featured moments!

He mentioned each member of his band individually on two occasions during the night. He quoted Yeats to the delight of the crowd, and he had been allowed to sleep in Yeats' bed while he stayed in Lissadell. He thanked Ireland, but in particular the people of Sligo and Lissadell, which of course went down really well. AND... it didn't rain all night.


My sister had gone to Westlife on Friday at the same venue which was also great she said. Three of the four members of Westlife are from Sligo, so that was also an emotional night I believe. But I am SO HAPPY I was able to see this great Canadian master live....yes I said great Canadian... we love Canadians!!

Someone the night I was there has added LOADS of links to You Tube from the Lissadell concert...

Sadly the cameraman or someone close is not the best singer in the world...but love you to watch him quote Yeats, and have also added his "Hallelujah" which he personalises later on in the song... but loads of others from the night on You Tube too...

Blown away by him...