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2010-07-16 a message from James

Back home

Well, as you have probably guessed from sending the video and photos, I am back home again!
I hope you liked Joseph's solo line at the end of "Supercalafragilistic"? (I feel like one of those pushy stage parents...but honestly I didn't give him the line!). And how about Chico doing her actions in "Happy Talk"? And being joined by Kevin Kipkoech? It is hard to believe that Chico, who looks about 4 years old, is actually 9, as she was seriously malnourished at the start of her life....she was a day-pupil at Cheryl's until her sick Mum eventually died last year when we were out there. Poor wee thing...Actually she can be a little Diva at times which is kinda fabulous....Martin (our baritone) said she ought to have had her own Dressing Room!

The concerts went well, and it was a great experience for the June and July everyone is away in Nairobi....the English and Irish etc have gone home, and so the ex-Pat audience is we have been seriously advised to do our concerts in perhaps January or February...and not in June/July again...Also of course there was the World Cup this crowds were small...but VERY appreciative. And there were other VERY positive elements, like being on radio 3 times with the kids, and TV once! Patrick Musa, who introduces the "Bare Necessities" wrote his own rap and he performed it with a guy called Solo from Capital FM in Nairobi...I am enclosing the cool pic of them just after the recording...Colm took the best one... also SEVERAL people have come forward and given substantial support as a result of the concerts. And most of all the awareness has been raised of Kenya Build and Cheryls and those kids...The radios also said to let them know when the CD was finished which is very cool (or "poa" which is Swahili for cool, isn't that right Mzeh?). And of course....every night was a night out for the kids, and a concert, and fun, and a meal out too...

I am enclosing the pic of Patrick and Solo, as well as the programme for our changed a little bit on one or two of the nights, but this was the usual programme! Martin was a great addition to the shows, and of course Maeve and Colm were their usual fabulous selves!

Talk soon again, and in the meantime, love to each and every one of you!

Nairobi Programme 2010:

Champagne Chorus from "Fledermaus". (Tutti)
Pearl Fishers Duet (J&Martin)
Some enchanted evening (Martin)
Marble Halls or Dublin Saunter (Maeve)
La ci darem la mano (M&M)
You raise me up (J)
Cat Duet (J&M)
Children section&
Consider yourself
Top of the world
Get Happy
Happy Talk
Oh Happy Day!
Amazing Grace (Tutti)


Heres a how-de-do! (Tutti)
The sun whose rays (Maeve)
Tit Willow (Martin)
Gendarmes Duet (J&Martin)
Nessun Dorma (J)
Merry Widow Waltz (M&M)
Ill see you again (J&Maeve)
The Holy City (Tutti)
Encore : Will ye go lassie, go? (Tutti)

Pics can be found in our gallery and here are the links for the videos: