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2009-11-08 Hardenberg, NL

reviewed by Ute

We left two days earlier than the concert was held because we wanted to stay in Waalwijk as well. There we just relaxed and did nothing - besides shopping. To be honest we shopped till we dropped, mostly apples! I was delighted when I discovered a particular breed which is not easy to find in German supermarkets and so we bought a few bags filled with these apples.

On Sunday afternoon there was our first highlight: We picked up Madeleine and Ali in Enschede. We drove together to Hardenberg and while driving we talked steadily, I think you all can guess what our favourite topic was? There I mentioned also the apples. I didn't know the name of the breed but showed them later. Madeleine really had to laugh and told us that they usually do not eat them raw but use them for jams and pies as they are tart but anyway I was still happy to have all these apples!

In Hardenberg we first drove to the theatre. On the car park Uli discovered a motor home. He asked me if this is Gabi and Klaus but I had no idea which concert they had planned to attend. I checked the licence tag, it was Bielefeld and so there was no doubt anymore whose vehicle this was. We knocked at the windows and then they came out. It was good fun to see them again after almost three years and I like the photos Ali has taken when Gabi comes out of the motor home. We had a small chat before we left and were happy that they were here as well.
Now we decided to have a small meal in the pedestrian area but all the restaurants were closed. At least we found a Chinese restaurant were we had the possibility to have a cup of coffee and not had to be in the cold anymore.

Later we found a nice Dutch restaurant were we had a delicious dinner. As always Uli and I liked the interior very much. Dark wooden furniture and hardwood floors - it was very comfortable there indeed. We also enjoyed that we had again the possibility to be with Ali and Madeleine of course and as usual we didn't run out of words. With Ali it can never be boring as she is very funny and full of energy.

And then we finally could go to the concert! Uli and I had to pick up our tickets first. I had no idea which seats they would give us and so I was delighted when we had good seats in row 7 on the left site. I realised soon that this means I had a good look to Colm, I still love to see him playing the piano and so for me these were the perfect seats to do this.

When the Tenors entered the stage it was completely dark, very good idea. You can't beat a bit of suspense! When the lights were turned on we weren't disappointed at all! We saw not just these smart three tenors and Colm at the piano but also a very young guy (Brian) at the guitar! What a surprise!  They started with: 'I'll tell me Ma', followed by 'The town I loved so well'. Happy me to hear this second song! I told Matt later that it is a good idea to perform as well all time favourites like this. When James announced that the composer of a song they want to sing is now called Yusuf not many people in the audience recognised who was behind this name. What a surprise when James told us that this is Cat Stevens and what a delight to hear 'Silent Sunlight' first time.

 During the first songs Brian had played the guitar but during 'Hard Times'  Brian played the drums. Not bad at all! I also liked very much his intro on the guitar during 'Remember me'.  Kudos to Brian for that!

Besides 'Caledonia' and 'Shenandoah' the 'Dimming of the Day' was the ABSOLUTE highlight for Uli and me during this concert. I am very familiar to this tune sung by Mary Black but the version the boys did during this evening is with nothing to compare. Later I begged James to record this song on their next CD. I am not sure if the boys are aware how good this song is and how perfectly it meets with their voices. I am already looking forward to hearing this song again by the tenors, whenever this is.

As always my husband and I enjoyed the concert immensely and so it was over too soon. Luckily there is always the meet and greet. Here I saw Rianne the first time this evening but had only a moment to say hello as there were many people approaching her to buy Cd's.

It was good fun to talk first time with Brian but of course we also enjoyed the chats with Colm and the Tenors. As usual James asked us how long we had to drive and felt sorry for us. A few photos were taken but then it was also time to say good bye for us all.

We really hope that we can see the Tenors and Colm again soon and I for myself don't mind at all if there is again that young lad named Brian with them.

Now we are back home but we have fabulous memories when we think of these days in Holland and I also have a basket full of tart apples!

U t e

It was good fun to talk with the tenors and Colm and first time with Brian.