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2009-08 PBS filming

reviewed by Licienne

Well here goes I will try to make this as correct as possible I'm a little bad with names....The little over 3 drive there was uneventful just boring at times but filled that with music....I got to the studio about 90 minutes early so just sat in my car reading for a while.....I finally went in and signed the sign in log and waited for any familiar face (primarily Joyce). A woman(Pamela...oh I hope I got that right) came in and mentioned to the receptionist she was here for the Tenors and meeting her friend that toured with them so of course I jumped on that and said I'm waiting for Joyce also....the other people that were waiting never saw the Tenors and a few didn't even know a thing about them (but of course I had to fill them in)but were invited to the taping through a few different organizations...then while waiting for Joyce a very handsome and dapper gentleman wearing a BLING tie (pictures to be posted) walked in hmmmmmmm wondered who it was.....Joyce showed up (after picking up Pam's husband Skip) and it was like a great reunion....then Joyce saw the handsome and dapper gentleman and yelled John and they hugged of course pictures were taken....Yes one in the same our own Lord Harding....he was there as a surprise and I will let him fill you in on that saga of the story just know that Colm was in cahoots with him to surprise The Tenors. We finally went in for the taping and they had it set up with tables like it was a bar/cabaret I was sitting 2 tables from the stage and it was very casual with the boys walking around and talking with people while Colm and Daryl worked with the bass and was great seeing another side of them so I am luck enough to see all facets of them....well kind of. Finally James saw me and told me to sit up front (darn you James) I shared the table with John, Joyce and Skip...they finally started taping and there were rehearsals and re-do's of tunes it was incredible....and also they are all so very funny and very patient and always 110% professional through it all and mind you they were there earlier that morning doing acapella taping with out the audience....they had a VERY long day. John how dare you mention to me to give the music that was performed...oh like I remember I lost it after James sang to me oh geeeesh that will be on air...! Let's see you and Joyce will have to correct me......Granada, Caledonia(for you John), The Mad Lady and Me, Nessa Dorma (with audience participation), Danny Boy, Hard Times....ok now drawing a blank....oh well someone else can fill in....after the taping we waited around while the Tenors spoke with others in the forward to dinner yes I was lucky enough to enjoy dinner with the Tenors, Colm,Joyce, Pam and her husband Skip and Tim it was a wonderful meal with a lot of great conversation I did NOT want to leave but they had a 4am lobby call for the flight to Madison for tonight's performance....!!!!! But reluctantly I did begin my little over 3 hour drive home and finally reached my bed at 1230 in the morning....slept like a baby and I have that "glow" and probably will for some time.....As I told James it was so incredible seeing them in a different light.....I have only seen them on stage so seeing them on stage and being themselves off was a gift.

So thank you to everyone at Maryland Public Television, James, Matthew, Daryl, Colm, John, Joyce, Tim, Pam, Skip for an incredible day and evening......hope I didn't bore or confuse anyone I did my best I should have taken