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2009-04-25 Frankfurt, GER

reviewed by Veronika

Here is one more person to report in from the concert in Frankfurt, and as always I am quite late....:))))All the beautiful melodies, new songs, the long missed soli presented by our tenors, the beautiful frame ,ALTE OPER in Frankfurt, so perfect for the guys...all these impressions have whirled up my mind and only now the words begin to form in my head.....(okay, this not the newest feeble excuse)

Ohters have already written detailed reviews, so I'll just give a few personal impressions.

It was my first visit to Frankfurt, the weather was beautiful, and we were able to do a lot of sightseeing in the town that is known as the cradle of German Democracy, famous for cidre, too, and all the big (bad??) banks, a town so full of contrasts.

AT the venue we were sitting quite near to Beate's merchandise table, and I jealously had an eye on your shoes, Beate! They looked comfortable, while my feet were hurting from wearing the wrong shoes for town walking, and even now my feet don't fit into normal shoes!!

The concert however was so wonderful, new and refreshing that the pains were forgotten immediately!

It was my first concert since February 2008 in Holland, my first without a soprano, and of course I enjoyed all the songs, the new and the familiar ones. I don't really like the Dylan song , but with the tenors' voices it IS OKAY!

My highlights were:
Hard times,Four strong winds, Fearless love, Come What May and Shenandoah from the new CD! How did the boys know they were
singing just my favourites?

The Holy City was so magnificant in presentation, Matthew,your solo for Celestine so full of love, fearless love indeed! You are a svelte and fearless man!

Daryl, I told you after the show and say it again: How great Thou art is such a beautiful song and the way you sing it makes me really want it never to end!! Your voice is so big when you sing it.

James, I loved Come What May from the start, but hearing it live on stage presented by the soul of the CT really made me feel like I was in a cradle again and taken care of very well. Thank you so much for your solo.

You see, the soli were very special for me in this concert, but Daryl's and James' solo also had quite a funny side effect on me, so that I did have to close my eyes and let my imagination flow,and not laugh!!

Guys, the music stand was, from my point of view, exactly cutting off your heads as you were sitting by the piano. It did look funny, kind of like in the punch and Judy show were you only see the crocodile's head or the policeman's ...... your heads were dancing on the sharp edge of the music stand, and I hope it did not do you harm!!!!!!

A love so beautiful was one of my highlights, too, Caledonia, sung in a new way, and then Danny Boy made my hubby and me hold our breath, we both thought it the most beautiful moment of the concert, most beautiful of many beautiful moments!

Altogether we had a wonderful weekend, in spite of my sore feet,we caught the underground back to our hotel in time. Frankfurt was still crowded after 11 pm, because all the museums were open until 2 a.m.It was The Night Of The Museums.And with the warm weather people were still sitting outside in the street cafés.

Sunday morning we drove a little further south of Frankfurt to see friends who moved there last year. We saw their new flat for the first time and were welcomed with a wonderful breakfast that lastet all day long until we were home again sunday afternoon.

I hope our Celtic Tenors and their musical director Colm Henry, this talented, modest and pleasant man, have arrived sound and safe on their home island, enjoying a well deserved time off.

As always, here is this big old fan looking forward to your next concert again and sending over a big thank you and much love.