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2009-04-24 Bremen, GER

reviewed by Sigrid

My friend and I came to know the Celtic Tenors five years ago, having seen them on TV. So after a time we bought all their CDs and looked into their Website, if there would not be a concert near where we live.  Finally in 2009: Concerts in Germany!!!

And then my girlfriend has given me for a special birthday  a weekend in Bremen with a concert.

As the weather was quite good we had a beautiful Friday and in the evening we sat  in the third row, looking forward to what was to come.

We had of course expected that the concert would be a good one. But like this!!! During some of the songs (Jerusalem, etc) we  experienced  cold shivers on our backs and my friend said that she felt almost like weeping because of its beauty.

Not only the voices are fantastic, but their charisma is fantastic too!!!!

You really got the feeling that those three enjoy their singing.

After the concert we could get autographs and I tried in my bad English to talk to James. And this went somehow wrong.

I wanted to tell him that we had seen the Celtic Tenors for the first time 5 years ago. But unfortunately I said 50 years. James started to laugh and told it to Matthew and with a grin said to me that of course he is 70 already.  I was so embarrassed.

It is a great pity that so many people in Bremen do not know how fantastic these three are. But although the venue was not sold out,  the atmosphere and the reactions from the audience were wonderful.

For me and my girlfriend it is certain now that we will try to see at least once a year a concert by the Celtic Tenors. Even if we have to drive a longer way. For certainly the Netherlands and Ireland are not so far off.