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2009-03-05 Glenside PA, USA

reviewed by Licienne

My Tenor trip journal sorry for the long all started in Berkeley Heights best friend/sister Deborah and I headed to get petrol and head to Glenside Pennsylvania a 2 hour drive according to my GPS..all the way there we listened to music singing and trying to stay calm. The GPS took us via the "boondocks" of Pennsy.but at least being early enough and not yet dark out we were able to enjoy the scenery though a million turns in the middle of no where..finally we arrived making a left on the street and we saw the theater..I made the LEGAL u-turn and was able to ironically park 3 parking spaces away from the theater and directly in front of an IRISH shop..oh my...very dangerous for me...I felt a Flake Bar craving hitting I have to pick up one..still didn't eat it though..we ate dinner across the street from the theater so we were able to watch all the goings on..after a wonderful meal we heading across the street and went to the box office to pick up our tickets and headed inside..what a wonderful was very old and kept in very good condition.and everyone that worked there was so nice..we found our seats and talked with people around us...everyone wanted to know what my circle of friends badge was about so of course I had to tell them...then there was an announcement about the "drink special" Daryl it was called a Peppermint Pattie....sounded kind of odd to us also...Colm came out and played the piano for a few minutes and my tears started slowly flowing...then the Tenor took the stage and that did me in..!!!!!
This is the play list:

Turaluri(heck I can not for the life of me remember the name I am sure someone here knows it)

Your Raise me up.and they made a Mauve Binchy comment for this one Wake

Finnogal(mouth music it BLEW me away!)


Nella Fantasia(OK I drew the line there I was crying so hard I love that one)

How Great thou Art(Daryl played the piano explaining he sang this when he was 5 playing the piano not able to reach the pedals)

Wild Mountain Thyme(Daryl playing guitar)

Four Strong Winds(what a powerful song to begin with and add our Tenors and it's even more powerful)

Shenandoah(wouldn't be our Tenor with out it)

Remember Me.OH MY!

Intermission..ok went to the box office during it and got tickets for Petrizio Buanne.yes I am a little bit a traitor.ol

Granada (and then was FLASH by James followed by Matthew then Daryl then shyly Colm show off the lining of their I felt so special being flashed!

Bring him Home from Le Mis..BLEW me away once again.spent a lot of the time crying or my mouth dropped open

A Love so Beautiful(got the story about the boys drink Patron(from the composer so they would "loosen up).BTW it's not gasoline Daryl it's rather yummy depending on the company you are the composer was in the studio while they recorded it.

Come What May..ok it's confirmed you guys need to do more solo.James you have a lot of us tearing up the name of the song I forgot to write down but mentioned states and cities in the US of A it was great I was recuperating from James playing the piano and singing Come What May.

Ramblin Man..1st time in concert and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!

Mad Lady and Me..another one sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun

Caladonia where Matthew dedicated it to his wife and children specifically his little one that is teething and his wife having to endure that a lot..He said this song they sing to remember all those in their lives that mean the world to them and to remember them to know they are thinking of them

Whiskey is the Jar of course I was quietly singing with them

Danny Boy (accapella) as usual BLEW MY MIND their 3 voices sounds as one to Say Good Bye and I am thinking NOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't say bye!

Well when they were finished people around me were in awe they all had an incredible time and I am sure they will follow The Celtic Tenors.maybe joining this group..

I have now seen them 4 times..the first time was right after Daryl joined the fold.and I can honestly say they are such a brotherhood..then change over this past year is so mind blowing there is a cohesiveness that I can not explain. They obviously love what they are doing and they derive happiness from giving of themselves. I waited till toward the end of the line for them to sign my new CD..and I asked James for a sqooosh.he looked at me and didn't realize who I was until he read my name and was hair changed BIG TIME and I love about 40 pounds to boot..I got hugs and gave hugs and we talked about what I thought about the difference in the music and I honest have to say IT is soooo different from the past concerts and I loved every single moment and I can not wait till I see them again.

Licienne(The luckiest Celt in the world right now still on cloud 9 since seeing the boys)