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2009-09-21 a message from James

Thank for setting up the Shoutbox session sounded like it went well...


I know I enjoyed it last time...I hope you had all your questions prepared for Matthew and fired them all at him...and of course got some good answers. Now, I think you should immediately pin down somebody else on the Celtic Tenor team for a Q&A about our MD perhaps? Daryl kinda did a little one, didn't he, at one point? Then it can come back to Daryl and then me again maybe? We are free on Sunday 4th and Sunday 11th October as far as I know... Even though you have to allow for the time-change, maybe the people on the West Coast of North America can compromise a little so the Germans and Dutch don't have to be up too late perhaps? If it was 7pm Irish time, or an hour either way, wouldn't that work perhaps? Anyway...just a thought...


With regards Matthew's point about the 'one-idea' album...don't get too carried away with that...The 'one-idea' album is one idea...if you get my drift. We are open to many suggestions, for ideas, and songs. Another idea that has been put out there by another the fact that our first album was recorded and released in 2000... and next year is 2010, and so - 10th Anniversary Album...maybe? Or not... It would be sort of one idea, but also would allow us to do lots of songs. It could include songs from our past, present and future...maybe... or not... Other ideas for albums are being put into the mix as we speak. So please do get your thinking caps on...and there will be new songs appearing in the shows from now, so give us your honest feedback on them also please.


And now, as always, love to each and every one of you,