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2009-09-16 a message from James

Once again, thanks to SO MANY of you for making me feel all warm and fuzzy at my great age... Still feeling very loved, and thank you ALL for that!

Linda and have triumphed with your review. Incredible! So detailed and so observant. You see, the bar has been set very high by several other reviewers and I think this has had a very positive effect on ensuing reviewers. It was lovely to read. Glad you liked the new Cat Stephens song... I must say I love it. We all knew immediately we'd love it. I am very happy singing the second verse - "Bring your wings and choose a roof..." and when it talks about being young... "when all things were tall and our friends were small..." is just a lovely eloquent way to describe being a child. And then there are the harmonies, and as we all love harmonies... well who knows where this Cat Stephens song may turn up...? Just to correct you on one detail, we actually met Cat Stephens (or Yussuf) in London in Kensal Studios when we were there a year or so ago, doing some recording...

Talk soon again, and in the meantime, love to each and every one of you,