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2009-09-11 a message from James

I am feeling ALL LOVED UP after my birthday, thank you ALL!

It would be wrong to single out one person, and so I won't, but thank you ALL for so many good wishes, emails, birthday cards, presents, poems, messages of all kinds (some incredibly deep), CHOCOLATES, even histories of my name, and much much more... I am overwhelmed, and as I say, feeling very loved indeed. THANK YOU ALL.

We had a wonderful, though short tour this time. And the Salina experience was also very pleasant indeed. A lovely audience. Just to let you all know that there will soon be new dates posted for next Feb/March for the USA, as Tim and Brian are at conferences as we speak... So watch this space.

Take care of yourselves, and each other...I know you do, and that also overwhelms me at times!

Love, and thanks, to each and every one of you,