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2009-08-14 a message from James

Well hello's been a while, eh? And thank you ALL for great comments, reviews and the compliments of course - we LOVE compliments!

Thanks to so many of you for the continued positive feedback to the You Tube clips. Of course I am biased, but I think those kids are incredible.

Great to have seen so many of you in the USA, at Dublin Ohio, La Crosse, Baltimore PBS taping (including some surprise guests!!), and Madison.

Wow, what interesting reviews to read... It is interesting to notice what YOU all notice... our pre-show behaviour and preparation, and much more... it is always lovely to see friendly faces, and it is wonderful when you meet each other too, and get to know each other. I am fully aware that very special friendhips have grown out of this Club... and that makes me smile too.

Also, when I see everyone rallying around to support those who are perhaps a little low, or a lot low, it does one's heart good to see the love that exists in this Club! And then when people travel GREAT distances to see us, like in Sligo, Baltimore and elsewhere... it is testament to what sort of folk you all are, and it does not go un-noticed...THANK YOU! (Goodness, I hadn't planned this to be a lengthy reply, and look at me!).

With regards PBS, it will be aired in Maryland and the surrouding areas in January we are told, and elsewhere after that...and there will be a tour to support the release, in Feb/March this space... there will probably be 10 songs in the main part of the DVD, and then a few bonus tracks... Sorry for those of you who don't like "Remember Me", but yes, it is there...but most of the others are not on the previous DVD. The following songs will not ALL make it onto the programme/DVD, but at least 10 will...these are not in any order... "I'll tell me Ma", "Hard Times", "Shenandoah", "Town I loved so well", "The Holy CIty", "Ag Criost an siol/Fionnghuala", "Nessun Dorma", "Finnegan's Wake", "Remember Me", "The Mad Lady and Me", "An Cailin Rua", "Granada", "The Irish Rover", "Danny Boy", "Star of the County Down", "Caledonia"...think that is all we recorded! It was much more than they had anticipated, so there is no way they will all be on!! We all gotta wait and see...

It is time we organised another Shoutbox of the Celtics owes his fans a session I believe?? And perhaps then the other two, and the MD, can have a go? Thanks Anja, as always, for all you do!!

And finally, love to each and every single one of you!