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2009-07-28 a message from James

Today I am packing up for my short trip to the USA...of course this trip includes the filming of our PBS Special in Maryland, and we will see some of you there...

So tomorrow I am going to the Grafton Barbers, which does all the Celtic Tenors hair of course...(there is less of mine to cut as the years go by). I will get a Number Two cut I think... it is rather shocking at first to see a Number Two but after a week or so it settles and doesn't look so bad.

Thank you for your wonderful welcome back from the African continent...and then many more people echoing her sentiments, thank you all. We all had a memorable time. John's concert reports are so eloquent and beautiful...I look forward GREATLY to his African report! You have a lot to live up to Lord Harding... but you have SO much to report on...those incredible children, their singing, their joy, the building, the hotel (!!), Samuel Sambuli, the building team, Colm and his first African experience, the music and recorder lessons, Rianne and her brave extra week at St Paul's, little Mercy, Collins, Joseph and Kevin, and of course Kibera Slum - the Church, the stalls, the butcher's shops, the children, the calls of "How-are-you?", and that ever-present smell of lingering human waste!
Needless to say I am going back next year...and so is Maeve...we have been asked to do the concerts again...we hope Colm will agree to donate his talented services again...who knows about Rianne and John...did they catch 'the African bug'? Methinks they may have done. Time will tell...

I am so happy that you all have been able to experience a taste of the concerts we did, thanks to the wonders of You Tube... There is one more song they sang in Swahili, with actions (!!), which is BEAUTIFUL, and I was going to add it too, but I fear, that as they drop a little in pitch, it may invite unnecessary negative comments...and that would be a shame. Thank you ALL for watching the children's clips, and PLEASE pass the links on to as many people as you possibly can, to spread the word about Kenya Build, and not only Cheryl's, but all the other places Kenya Build is involved in.

And finally, as always, love to EACH and EVERY one of you!