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2009-07-06 message from James

Well I am back from another inspirational trip to Kenya. The 4 concerts all went down incredibly well indeed.

The children stole the show every night, and were treated really well by the venues and the audiences...which was lovely to see. Maeve Coghlan (Soprano), myself, and Colm Henry (MD/Piano) are also on the footage.

I asked Gerry Cunningham's lovely daughter Clare to take a little video of the kids singing, just on my own Sony Camera, and even though the quality of the recording is far from perfect, I thought it was good for the Orphanage and for the Charity to add these four songs to You Tube. I would love if you can share these clips with as many as possible to spread the word far and wide about Kenya Build etc.

The Children sing with a raw energy, and great enthusiasm, and I think that is what stole the audience's hearts. Already the Nairobi people are talking about next year's concerts, and are shortly beginning to organise it looks like I'm back there in 2010.

The links to the songs are here (I hope), but just in case, you can always go to You Tube and type in "Cheryl's Children" and they all ought to come up. The text at the side is different for each number, so any feedback would be welcome!

Thanks, and all the best, James.