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2009-06-15 a message from James

Hard to believe I am heading back to Kenya again...but so much looking forward to it.

Thank you ALL for your warm messages of goodwill for the journey there and for my time there. This time of course there will be some more familiar faces cementing, sawing, painting, and sweating! And of course it will be wonderful to see Joseph as well as all the other kids too, and to hear their enthusiastic singing, and to spend time with them, and then horrible, as always, to say goodbye...

Thank you for your lovely reveiws of St John's Cathedral Concert. As you may have guessed from my emails, and from columns, I am VERY proud of my county.

The Dervish rehearsals were fun, as always. They are such good musicians. And didn't the Sligo hills and Lough Gill look rather nice in the background in "Caledonia"? We really did have a power-cut, almost unheard of in Ireland in 2009, it was localised, not all over Sligo. So those recordings on You Tube are as raw as you can get! Thanks for watching them.
I have rehearsals with Colm and Maeve on Wednesday, so we are well prepared when we fly out to Nairobi. On Sunday, we are being given a little day-trip I believe to Nakuru. Then on Monday - ALL day - we will be in Cheryl's to rehearse with the kids...I love that. Then the next few days are all concerts. The building begins the following Sunday.

Thank you ALL.
Love and a squoosh to each and every one of you,