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2009-05-04 a message from James

Feeling very diligent replying so quickly, but I suppose when it comes to next month, I will be in Kenya for over 2 weeks and will not be in a position to reply.

At this point, once again, may I publicly thank Robin Brown and her amazing Mum Nan (who incidentally gave all us Celtic Tenors and Colm an INCREDIBLE book as a gift...perhaps Robin can explain more!), and ALL at Dortches Baptist Church for, yet again, raising a huge amount for Kenya Build in 2009. This year their money will go towards the NEW project, which I think is an orphanage called Rurita Shade (spelling may be wrong). I changed the text underneath the Dortches photo on our Website slightly...

Glad also so many of you saw Daryl and his Choir on "Playing for change"...I, for one, will definitely be getting that CD...I've heard it and some of it is truly beautiful. And Daryl and the Choir do a fantastic job. Well done Omagh Celt!

Thanks to so many for great reviews. It is always lovely to get your feedback...really we appreciate it so much...and of course to hear about such things as Veronika's "Singing Head experience"! Beate, actually somebody spoke to me on the phone that night in Berlin when I answered the mobile...and I said...auf Deutsch..."Wir singen im Konzert...", and she replied auf Deutsch...but too I said "Tschus!" as you heard!

I was asked to sing again in "The Jerusalem Passion" which I had sung in 1995 (!!) and actually recorded too. It is an oratorio...assume everyone knows what that is? Kinda like an opera, but with no costumes, scenery or movement, and based on religious "Messiah". But this oratorio was composed in the 1980s so is fairly modern. I have quite a few ensembles and two large solo numbers, and other little bits and pieces. It is conducted by Frank Hughes who was my Music Teacher in secondary school.

Think that's it for's been lovely and sunny here in Wicklow, but they say in's a "dreech" day! (not sure of spelling, but the "ch" is pronounced like the German one in "ich"!).

Love to each and every one of you!