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2009-05-01 a message from James

Wir lieben Deutschland

We have missed our tours to Germany SO much, and seeing all those people who have been loyal supporters of the Celtic Tenors for so many years now. I love the country firstly, and when we did our train journeys from Bremen to Frankfurt and back to Hamburg, the scenery on the Rhein is SO wonderful. I had been there on a school trip MANY years ago to Koln, Koblenz and Rudesheim etc, and happy memories of the castles and vineyards etc all came back. Of course the audiences, though small (perhaps due to publicity levels), were incredibly enthusiastic...even more than usual perhaps?

Thanks Anja for your publicity YOU did. It did not go unnoticed. And many people brought along those cards which you had posted out. THANK YOU ANJA!! Sorry we didn't see you, and hope work is calming down.

It was great to see so many of those smiling familiar faces...I will not mention names...because I might omit one and get in all know who you are. THANK you one and all for coming to see us and supporting us, and for responding every night with such vigour and enthusiasm! Sorry some of you could not make it...Anja, Andrea, Patricia, Marianne, Gertraut and others...but hopefully we'll be back. And thanks to many of you for your lovely comments and reviews also...Gillian, John, Moni, Gabi and others...TOO kind at times. But you are all correct about Colm...he is incredibly talented, and such a gentleman.

Heather, my goodness, you DO get extreme weather at times?? Sometimes I wish Ireland had more dramatic seasons...we just get a yearly mix of sun, rain and wind. But as I look out the window on my cottage garden with its mix of spring colours, and the sun is streaming through my sash windows, I am content enough with where I live really!

We'll be seeing some of you in Sligo, in St John's Cathedral. It is quite a small Cathedral, but it is where I was christened and confirmed, it is where my sister was married, and where all my relations, including my mother, had their final send-offs. So it'll be kind of special for me to perform there. And for those of you attending, you will see some plaques around with our family name on from long ago...and also two brass vases in memory of my mother, who was the first ever Lady Church Warden in Ireland! So there ya go...a little info for those of you making the long trip to Sligo. I hope you are not leaving early the next day, and that you can see some of the scenery outside the town too...even a bus to Rosses Point perhaps! But there is so much more to County Sligo... Streedagh, Mullaghmore, Lough Gill, Glencar etc etc.

Anyway, talk more soon, and love to each and every one of you!