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2009-04-18 a message from James

Susan Boyle.... Yes, I realise it's a strange "Subject" for this email...but I'm sure many of you will know that name by now...

Thanks to so many of you for your warm Easter wishes. I was quite restrained with my Easter egg consumption this year...just two! But I still have two others staring at me daily from the top of my fridge. May I also once again publicly acknowledge all the work done by our esteemed Moderators and Secretary, and all those involved in managing and maintaining our websites. THANK YOU!

Glad there was a good reaction to the new Canadian agency. It ought to make a difference. We have one or two Canadian dates on the EAST coast in November/December, but there are strong rumours of many more Canadian dates in 2010...really...!

My sister suggested I look at You Tube to watch Susan Boyle. Like the rest of the world, I had never heard of her. Also never saw the show "Britain's got talent" ever. It somehow didn't appeal to me...yet another of those reality shows. BUT...hand on heart...I cried when I watched Susan Boyle...a very 'ordinary' lady, who had cared for her Mum til she passed away, a church volunteer who lived on her own with her cats. But Susan Boyle has a gift from God. A powerful voice. And when the judges ate their cynical words...I cried, thinking of how proud her mother would be, looking down. Already 25 million hits on You Tube, and rumours of albums, Larry King, Oprah etc etc. I hope she can cope with all this new-found fame. She seems a strong and gutsy lady.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in wonderful Deutschland next week!

Finally, love to each and every single one of you!