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2009-03-30 a message from James

Hello everyone! Well, just a short reply...

First off, I want to ask you all if you liked Matthew's early April Fool joke? You see the joke was that he was to be the VIP guest, and then eveyone would come to the Shoutbox....and the VIP guest wouldn't turn was a good one, eh? SO funny. (And do you believe me...hmm...maybe not...) He is VERY embarrassed indeed, and I'm sure will put the situation right before long.

I REALLY enjoyed my Shoutbox hour, or about 80 minutes I think... it was cool. Nina, you have more questions? They'll have to wait til the next time I think. But, I am still on a break from the "Sligo Weekender"....I kind of don't know where I got the time to do a column a week a few years ago!!! Gosh that was tough on top of our schedule. Who knows what the future holds though? With regards the book I'm's quite tough going but becoming very rewarding...."A Long way home...Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Baeh, which tells the harrowing true story of a 12 year-old boy soldier in Sierra Leone who was forced into a rebel army with his AK47 and a machete. I've gone through a lot of decapitations, and worse (not suitable for kids), but I'm told it ends very happily! With regards my favourite meal....I will think about it, but if there is a Rocket Salad with Parmesan somewhere in there, and it ends with Creme Brulee....that's a good start! I also love Thai Green Chicken Curries! (Not made with Green Chickens before Clever Secretaries and Moderators respond!).

There seems to be some confusion with regard the Nairobi Concerts....they are NOT Celtic Tenor will be the same as last year...Maeve Coghlan, me and the Children from Cheryl's. However this time COLM is coming to play...which is wonderful, as last year I ended up playing 19 of the 23 songs on the piano, including "Nessun Dorma", "Holy City", "Time to say goodbye" etc and such easily sung numbers!!?? So thanks Colm for doing this wonderful thing. We have added a day on to the end of Colm's time there, so he will get to walk around Kibera Slum with the builders.

Anyway, maybe talk again soon...there will be a small Irish tour in September/October, of some of the smaller towns...dates soon to be released!

Love to each and every one of you!