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2009-03-09 a message from James

From coast to coast...
Well, we have just done 4 shows in a row, ending with Ridgefield Connecticut last night.

It was also lovely in Baltimore at the incredible Lyric Opera House...where sadly the Opera Company has been a recession-victim! Easton in Maryland was also a beautiful town, lovely hotel and theatre, and people incredibly friendly.
And Licienne has already filled you in re Keswick, Glenside. Shows seem to be going well, and getting a good reaction.

To clear up any confusion, we didn't open with "Toora-loora" or "Irish Lullaby"...sorry to dissappoint, but the chorus DOES contain "Whack for the TOORA LOORA laddy..."...It was only "Spanish Lady". So we are even! You didn't recognise one of our standard songs, and well...I didn't recognise you (Aaagh)...not really even...just warn us next time.
It WAS "Wanted Man" we you remember my introduction to it? I said that ONE of the 4 of us wasn't clean-livin, and ONE of the 4 of us got in some trouble...guess which one...? And that's why we recorded "Wanted Man"?

You are absolutely right about Daryl's sportsman's past....Rugby AND Soccer. The rugby was the one which gave him the AWFUL injury. But did everyone know that he played soccer briefly for...Sligo Rovers??

Seattle seems to be "by invite only". Someone has already asked for tickets from the venue and they were quoted over $300!!!!!! We are not worth that methinks.

We had a new Tour Manager for last few days...a friend of Matt's filled in...Matt had dates he couldn't get out of. Dave Nokken, his friend, did really well on every level, and is a lovely guy.

We fly to LA in the morning, and meet up with our new Manager Tim, amongst others.
Talk soon again....maybe in the Shoutbox one day!
And love to each and every one of you,