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2009-03-03 a message from James

Tenor on the road
We travelled from North Carolina to Florida on Sunday morning early, two flights and a drive, did an afternoon show on that day, and then back to North Carolina yesterday again, and on to Pennsylvania today. From cold to warm to cold again...


Emily, interesting question about the Strauss operetta. Well, everyone knows I am the oldest Celtic Tenor, no not Celtic Grandad, but the oldest.
And that performance was in 1998/1999. I had gone from my studies to do chorus, and then small roles, before attacking bigger roles. I had begun to do larger roles by then BUT was definitely singing a small role in "Die Fledermaus" with Opera Ireland. I was singing the role of Dr Blind, a dotty, useless, inept lawyer/attorney! It's a fun acting role, and there is a little trio to sing and a few ensembles. I had sung BOTH of the other bigger roles in the UK, which are both great fun....Eisenstein and Alfred!

Matthew was a very young student of singing and was in the chorus, and Daryl was barely out of nappies and an even younger chorus member!!! It is kind of strange that we were all on stage together all those years ago!! (I think it was 1998/1999). Anyway, hope that answers your question. I do have a photo of myself in the role if you like, though I think you may have seen it...

Ute, it's always useful to have feedback, and the two songs you are not so gone on, are sort of a required taste. "Marie" is very Barber-shop style, but the lyrics are far from lovely! He can only tell Marie he loves her when he is drunk!!! We love it, it's fun to sing. "Fearless love" is in the set at the moment and goes down well, but again perhaps it is a slightly unusual song doesn't go exactly where you expect it to..quite a hard one to harmonise!

We are absolutely doing the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in September, but there are dates that need to be added to the website still, and they ought to be added soon. And we are doing a Kenya concert - acoustic - in St John's Cathedral, which is the Nelson family church in Sligo, where I was christened, confirmed, and my sister was married, and my Mum was laid to rest, so it will be a special night I hope.

With regards the Festivals, please don't book to go yet, til they are confirmed. We are doing Milwaukee in 2010, but probably NOT this year...
Anyway...leaving shortly again...about 400 miles to drive today...breakfast first!
Talk soon again, and love to each and every one of you.