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2009-02-21 a message from James

We are now in VERY sunny and hot Puerto Rico...not complaining....

but I think I will ignore all the snow emails this time, as it'd be a little rich of me to start discussing freezing temperatures, when yesterday we spent the morning in the Rain Forest, and the afternoon lounging in the sea at a Caribbean lagoon...Laquillo Beach if you want to look it up...I may send a pic perhaps!

BUT...we are also working...there are a few days here which look free, but are not. We have already done two live radios, one live TV, and today there is an interview and photo in El Nueva Dia, or is it El Nuevo Dio! It's the main newspaper here anyway. We are also using the time to rehearse, because of course not only is Colm newish to the group, but there are a lot of songs in the Celtic Tenor repertory that even Daryl has yet to discover.... first and second album stuff!

Thanks for your lovely honest comments about the album. Honesty is important! Love to know which two you don't like!! There was no point in us recording another similar version of "Lay down Sally", when Mr Clapton does it so well. We thought that perhaps all three tenors would try to seduce Sally in turn...starting with the obvious seducer, then the married man, and when it came to my turn, and nothing was working with Sally, all I could think of was to go down the octave to Lee Marvin/Ronnie Drew territory. Never knew I had those notes before. It's hard to reproduce it live, and I know there are some Fan Club members who hate our version of the song! I like it. It's fun. Next album will be more what you expect from Celtic Tenors!

Susan, wow, what an eloquently written review! You are up there with the top reviewers in this Club now! Really. Beautifully written! Lovely to have seen you incidentally.

And love to each and every one of you.......