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2009-02-09 a message from James

Battling the three inches of snow!
Like the UK, we are totally unprepared for such conditions here in Ireland. Its kinda laughable really.

I had to go to a function at the Irish Embassy in London during the week, and despite a few cancellations, I got to England ok, but I was stranded at Gatwick Airport overnight on my return journey. Dublin Airport had closed due to the snow, or at least due to the icy conditions on the walkways (Get a Hair-dryer and an extension lead I say). Anyway, my biggest gripe was not that I had to fork out for a hotel overnight, but rather that the Help Desk in Gatwick was anything but helpful. I actually am gonna write a letter of complaint (my first I think!) to the one stage an old guy on the Help Desk said to a fellow passeneger "I don't give a toss about your flight". We looked at each other open-mouthed! I actually phoned the airline myself, stayed on hold for 20 minutes, and got the departure details myself. Shouldn't a "Help Desk" do that? Is the Customer no longer "always right"....Should Customer Service be renamed? Dreadful. Anyway, I'm home now for a few days, my garden is blanketed in snow, but I think it is on it's way out now...Aw...But when we compare our snow to Canadian snow, it is just ridiculous. There is no comparison.

Thanks for your comments re "Remember Me", but more specifically "Still by your side". As you know, I start and finish the song, and it has a special place in MY heart also as it was recorded not long after I lost my dear Mum, and I feel like the opening verse is her voice...A lot of people have emailed and thanked us for that particular song. Only a few weeks ago, a gentleman who had been to lots of our concerts with his wife, wrote to tell us it was played at his wife's funeral recently. For anyone who loses someone I believe every day is an anniversary...not only birthdays, Christmas etc...but specific smells, sounds (music!), sights, foods, shops, and so many other reminders hit us when we least expect. I have said this many times to others, as it helped me (Forgive me for the repetition), but your sister is forever in your heart, and always only a thought away.

I will talk to you all from the US of A! In the to each and every one of you,