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2009-01-26 a message from Daryl

Dear All,
I just wanted to thank you all for your generous presents at christmas time.

They were all much appreciated indeed!! For the first time ever we seem to have had a few weeks off. This has been a blessing I think for us all, considering our schedule last year was very intense. Our time off has given us the opportunity to relax, recharge and begin planning for the new year ahead. This week sees us back on stage together for the first time this year and for the Habitat for humanity charity. We will have the privelege of performing with the Irish Army band under the baton of Mark Armstrong, so a lot of fun is sure to be had by all.

Other news from my end is that my choir the Omagh Community Youth Choir has just taken part in a recording with a project called This was a wonderful opportunity for the choir to get together and record in a unique situation which has brought musicians from all over the world together to promote peace. Some of the songs will be heard on an album very soon, and a Film of the project will be released later on in the year. Exciting times for the choir, and a great opportunity to document their wonderful talent. More news on this soon!!!

For now, I send my best wishes to you all and hope to see each of you during our touring this year.

Lots of love,