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2009-01-19 a message from James

Freezing Ireland...Ok, so when I say it's freezing here, it's just freezing by Irish standards.


Ok, so when I say it's freezing here, it's not Manitoba-freezing, just freezing by Irish standards. And the TVs are all down in my village due to hugh winds. So its Vivaldi, Purcell and Mozart, and a good book for me tonight I think. My heat is on, my cottage is cosy, my Geranium Oil is burning in the Sitting Room, my Lavender Oil is burning in the bedroom, several candles are flickering, and I will turn on my Electric Blanket in a don't worry too much about me freezing!


Tomorrow is a big historic day in the US. The Irish already love Barack. And he has an Irish mad is that?? Of course its a huge day in Kenya too. Mr Obama is from the same tribe as Samuel Sambuli, who runs Cheryl's. One of the smaller tribes too. Anyway, we will ALL be watching tomorrow.


Went to see "Slumdog Millionaire" a few nights ago. The beginning is a very tough look at Slum life in Mumbai...and the stories we all hear about enforced being trained and even blinded to beg...horrific. But after that it is a really feel-good movie. Well worth seeing. But stick it out. The start is tough going.


Love to each and every one of you, James.


add-on from James:

Yes, I know it's kinda political, but I just heard this last night and I thought it was beautiful...I am sure you have ALL heard it before....but maybe there is someone who hasn't: "Rosa sat so Martin Luther could walk. Martin Luther walked so Barack could run. Barack is running so our children can fly..."