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2009-01-05 a message from James

Firstly a Happy 2009 to you ALL!

I had Christmas in Sligo, and then, as you know I am not a fan of New Year (I just don't get it on any level really - yes, call me Scrooge Celt), so I decided to go to London and hook up with friends I haven't seen in quite some time. Having lived in London for almost 10 years, I have lots of people I am still very much in touch with. So I'll need to go again soon I think.

Thanks to SO many of you for lovely Christmas and New Year wishes. And for lovely reactions to our latest creative endeavour! Thanks for ALL of your continued and much-valued support. I am SO happy that we will see many of you in Germany this year too...Yippee!

Thanks to Ali for my first ever personalised stamps! (see picture gallerys - postcards from the tenors album)

When we tour Ireland, it is often an endearing gesture to sing a song known locally. Cork, as you all know, has "The Banks of my own lovely Lee", which is very Victorian and slushy and almost sounds like an English Parlour song, but people seem to like it. In a similar style, "There is an Isle" is Limerick's song, and is also quite Victorian Music Hall. (Of course we still got people saying we shouldn't have sung it, but should have sung "Limerick you're a lady!". People are often just not happy). We actually like both of these songs, and "There is an Isle" doubles as a Rugby Anthem.

Must go now and get my little neglected cottage in some sort of shape...Where do I start? Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh...

Love to each and every one of you,