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2008-12-10 Brampton, CAN

written by Vera

Wow, what an amazing concert Wednesday night! First of all, sorry again guys for being late :-) I had my company's Christmas dinner that night, I just made the salad, skipped the pasta, ate half my main course and had them wrap up the dessert, Chocolate Murder Cake, coudldn't miss out on that ;-)

I came just in time to hear Silent Night, one of my favourite Christmas songs even as a kid :-) The Rose Theatre in Brampton is amazing, very beautiful and cozy setting, part of the chairs are those nice elegant old wooden chairs, rounded seat and back, with red velvet cushions :-)

I am not able to give you a full list of songs, it was mostly similar to the concert in Richmond Hill where I finally got to meet Barb, was a pleasure! I was so busy enjoying the concert, I just couldn't write down the song list :-) I was a very lucky girl that night, after mentioning all the great German Fans and being on tour
there again next year, I got Santa Lucia dedicated to me! I almost fell out of my first row seat :-) My boyfriend who sat beside me got mentioned as well, I think he didn't know the boys knew who he was, he was very surprised ;-) Thank you again for that, and thank you for the rose as well, Daryl! I really got spoiled that evening :-) I really enjoyed all the sing-along Christmas songs, I don't know all the English ones, but most of the ones that were sung, so I could join in and celebrate Christmas already a little bit :-) As I'm not gonna make it back home to Germany for Christmas, this was very nice :-)

The tenors being the tenors, of course they were not all serious and ceremonial the whole evening& One thing I really hope is that those jackets from Dubai make it to the next concerts as well& ;-) You shouldn't let anyone miss out on that! The other thing is, we got to enjoy a little and very well choreographed Irish Dance performance by the boys, close to the end of the concert, which the audience really appreciated :-))) I must say, I almost fell out of my chair again, this time laughing, you were really marvellous! I hope I will see that again!!! Time to say goodbye& I love the song, singing along with it and enjoying every single tune, but& always means that the concert is coming to an end& But as the audience was very pushy for encores, we got lucky and got to hear Nessun Dorma and the "cheesy" ;-) (as the boys put it) All Out Of Love before they really left the stage for good:-) But I also really enjoyed Colm's Piano playing in both concerts, very amazing talent! Just take him to Niagara Falls next time you are in the area:-)

I hope you had a good trip home and enjoy your concerts in Ireland and Christmas now!