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2008-09-21 Tullamore

reviewed by Rianne

After a wonderful, if not entirely problem-free drive (women and directions, eh?), we arrived in Tullamore, checked into our hotel and
eventually found ourselves sitting in the front row of St. Mary's Church of the Assumption.

Because of the setting and the nature of the concert, the set list was a little different (in Matthew's words, the CT's standard song list is a bit more "raunchy"....):

So Strong
You Raise Me Up
Maria (Bach)
Ave Verum Corpus
The Holy City
Amazing Grace (Deirdre solo)
The Prayer (Deirdre & Matthew)
Still By Your Side (with Deirdre)
Come What May (James solo)
Hard Times


Swing Low
Bring Him Home
Strong Winds
How Great Thou Art (Daryl solo)
True Love (Deirdre & Matthew)
Libiamo (with Deirdre)
Nella Fantasia
Panis Angelicus
Wild Rover
In The Gloaming
Time To Say Goodbye (with Deirdre)

ENCORE: Nessun Dorma

* James and Daryl accompanied themselves on the piano.
* Daryl played the guitar during "Hard Times" and "Four Strong Winds".
* Deirdre and Matthew sang "True Love" for their parents, who were in the audience and recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary(!!). Deirdre mentioned that, as they had not had
the chance to celebrate it (as in have a party) yet, Matthew and she had decided to sing this song for them. According to Matthew, this was "the cheap option". ;)
* Matthew told James "Hands off (Deirdre)!" during "Libiamo".
* While setting himself behind the piano for "How Great Thou Art", Daryl remarked that he felt like Elton John doing that  and wished he had his money! He then went on to tell us that, while he had
learned to play the piano at an early age, he had only started singing in his late teens, only to be told by one of his mates to stick to the piano.... It's a good thing Daryl didn't listen to that!!
* While introducing "Four Strong Winds", Matthew told the audience of an older gentleman who had come over to them after a concert in Canada (I think it was Alberta), telling him that "He used to play
football (soccer) with a Matty Gilsenan". That's Matthew's (and, of  course, Deirdre's) 93-year-old grandfather, who was there in the church last night! There were many Gilsenan family members around
last night, including the delightful Sr. Veronica ("Auntie Rosalie"), who organised the concert.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things here, but I'll leave it to my wonderful "date" to fill in the gaps. There's no doubt in my mind that he will have a lot to say!
All I'll say now is that this concert was most definitely worth the trip for me - it's one of those shows that will stay with me for a very long time.
The guys and Deirdre sounded GREAT, and it was as always wonderful to see them again. Now it's on to many nights until the NCH concert?? :)