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2008--08-15/17 Milwaukee Irish Festival

reviewed by Pat

I don't know how to describe magic but I will try as my weekend in Milwaukee at the Irish Fest was truly magical, uplifting, energizing and humbling.

First, I'd like to thank the Celtic Tenors -- James, Matthew and Darryl as well as Colm and Donna. It was my privilege to go to all three concerts and it seemed each was better than the last. Other fan club members have shared with you the song lists from the shows -- it was so wonderful to hear some of my favorites from the CDs as well as the "previews" from the new CD (Stephen Foster, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan songs) which I can't wait to hear in its entirety. The Omagh Choir as well as the Irish Fest Choir were delightful additions at the end of each evening and complemented the Tenors beautifully. Remember Me always brings tears to my eyes -- the passion, the energy, the emotion each of the Tenors brings to the delivery of song along with Colm's accompanying keyboards is just awe inspiring (no matter how many times I see them perform, I have the same reaction).

I was really looking forward to meeting some of the people who post (much more regularly than I do) as part of the yahoo site. My gratitude to Tom Tully for the great badges which we wore with pride and his wife Diane (so sorry you missed Saturday/Sunday because of back pain -- the seating was not ideal). We were so pleased to meet Maggie Mae, Gary and John, as well as Sue and Emily. By the end of the weekend, I felt like we were leaving old friends with whom we shared something very special.

It is incredible to me that after travelling, rehearsing, sound checks and performing, James, Matthew, Darryl, Colm and Donna are consistently and unbelievably gracious, generous and kind to the people (like me) who want to wish them well after each concert. Each night, there were lines of people new fans as well as old fans that were interested in exchanging a few words, a picture, signing a CD.

My sisters and myself stayed in Milwaukee all weekend, so we wouldn't "miss a minute" and we didn't -- it was fun to see Matthew, Darryl and Colm make a "guest appearance" with the Gaelic Storm on Saturday night as well as see them join and have fun with an impressive roster of performers at the "scattering" on Sunday night.

We got back to our rooms by midnight on Sunday, the alarm went off at 4:30 on Monday morning (we had to catch a 6:15 a.m. train back to Chicago) and then it was off to work.

The only bad news was that the weekend had to end . . . as all good things eventually must. I'm that much more anxious to see the Tenors again on their next tour through the Midwest, will be among the first to add the new CD to my collection.