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2008-07-19 Munich

reviewed by Marlis

Now Im sitting in the train back to Berlin with fife hour times. My mind is drifting to a concert two days before in munich.

The only concert in Germany from the FAB CTS supported by fabulous MD Colm Henry and virtuous Robbie Overson.

I dont remember the complete song list, but Ill give you my impressions around the concert.

Greeting to all members from Fan  Club. It was great to meet and see you in live.
Rianna from the Netherlands, Ines from Germany, Nina and her sons from Canada and of course Mr. John Harding.

Greeting to the mother with her son from Phoenix (Arizona) two rows behind us, and the beautiful lady, which was an opera singer in our neighborhood.

The concert was amazing, and for me is it every time as new.

By the side of good old follows-songs have heard new songs. (Perhaps they are new only for me)

Jerusalem?  Matthew thank you so much. Your impressed voice sounds like a fanfare  it was great.
Good luck and love to you and of course to Celestine.

All out of love  Daryl, specially thanks to you for the adaptation. I dont like this song before. First time must say it was really good.

Ten Thousand Tears  James, your part is every time breathtaking.

Remember me, Caledonia  Gentlemen, Ive spend a lot of Kleenex in the rows.

The new songs, which will be on the 5th CD seems a beautiful new color in your repertoire.

Little blues and American country, I remember a very good song  Four strong winds  ingenious and Marie.
And I was very surprised to hear Lay down Sally.
Its one of my favorites by Eric Clapton.
James, it was really courageous to sing such deep notes and the line  &. stay with me&. was &&& !!!!!!

Not to forget Summertime  Donna, it was really impressed.

Finally Nessun dorma  it was an amazing finale and standing ovations can only be a little thanks for your excellent performance.

Thank you all and especially to you James, for your kindness as you writes few words in my Book of happy moments.
It was one of these lucky days which you remember for weeks and help you in hart times.

This is my first review  sorry about my English, but my friend Ute (and now also a fan of The Celtic Tenors) have said  .. its OK. You can send it.