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2008-07-19 München

reviewed by Heike

Our journey to Munich was in fact a little round-trip through Germany.

We, Axel, my husband and I live near Hamburg and we started on Wednesday; first to Magdeburg, where we saw the musical Titanic. On Thursday we drove to Jena, where we visited friends and on Friday at last we came to Munich. In our wish to see some of the sights we were hampered by the loads of people who walked around Munich on this weekend. On Saturday we visited the Deutsche Museum.

We really looked forward to see the Celtic Tenors concert, because this was a special one for us, our tenth. Only two of them we have seen in Germany (the first in Hamburg and this one in Munich), three in Ireland (two in Dublin and one in Trim Castle/Meath) and five in the Netherlands.
Full of happy anticipation we went to the Brunnenhof, for then the weather was still in a fine mood. We had lovely seats in the first row und really enjoyed the concert to our best ability.

I was especially happy that they did Song for Ireland and Caledonia. We are great fans of Ireland and Scotland, have been a few times on holiday there and therefore we enjoy these songs especially.

The Meet & Greet after this concert got a special note under the very big umbrellas in the rain.

This wonderful evening passed much to quick.

On Sunday we drove back home, having some problems with the car, but with a lot of luck the people from ADAC could help us.

During these days we drove around 1800 km, we were totally worn out when we arrived at home but would do it again any time!!

Every time it is a pleasure to see these three on stage and we are really looking forward to the next concert!!