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2008-05-07 Toledo

reviewed by Tom

The Toledo concert was just like every CT concert,WONDERFUL!

We had 500-550 people in this nice little theatre.The songs were the same as the Bakersfield concert already posted.The people were enthusiastic,applauding often and several standing ovations,
after "REMEMBER ME", after "SHENENDOAH",after "DANNY BOY".

Of course the reason for the applause was because each song was so beautifully done.I believe there are 500 more CT fans in Toledo now! The comedy parts were fun for everyone.I told Daryl
that even though I had heard his jokes before,we still laughed.He corrected me and said he had just added some more nick names for the CRAZY GOAT that the other Tenors hadn't expected.Good

After the show they were swamped with cd buyers looking for autographs,hectic but fun.As for 5 guys and a girl in a van, Donna told us they have put on 30,000 miles since Sept.
including coming from No. Carolina the nite before to Toledo OH. They had one hour of sleep and put on a great show 500 new fans.

I talked to some of the people who questioned my badge,they said they now understand why we love this group so much! Diane and I enjoyed every minute,of course Diane likes the
hugs and kisses from the guys.This group leaves so much niceness everywhere they go. I have only one pic,a nice one of Matthew with Diane and me, gratiously taken by James.I'll send it along later.
Of course the punch line on Toledo is,"They did all these wonderful things with one hour of sleep".Could you do that?

Thanks for a great show and welcome back to Ireland after a 5 month absence.