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2008-04-26 Nanaimo, BC, CAN

reviewed by Nina and Felix


Thank you to James, Matthew and Darryl, Donna and Colm for another special evening on beautiful Vancouver Island (and welcome to Colm and Donna to the West Coast). I hope the enthusiastic audience in the almost sold out Port Theatre left a good impression, so all of you come back soon!)


Walking out of the parking garage, we spotted the Celtic Tenors convoy right away. Nice trailer. Honk, when you see it on the road! You have to excuse my post-surgery brain, so I want to comment on a few highlights for me.


Danny Boy, without microphones, you could have heard a pin drop, as was the case for Ave Maria. Beautiful harmonies. We learned the 4 clap/2 clap for Whiskey in the Jar quite quickly thanks to Darryl's verbal translation of the hand signals. He was as cheeky as ever, throwing in the odd joke. You should have seen him
jump back on stage after he delivered his special rose. That was quite an accomplishment! It looked like even he was surprised, he made it.


I guess what struck deep in my heart was that twice during the performance the CT's mentioned about growing up in a divided country, divided by a religious war. Growing up you take it for normal, realizing only when you look back how horrific it was. Since I grew up in Germany, I remember the day Checkpoint Charly
opened up as if it happened yesterday. Remembering the disbelief and joy I felt that day still gives me goosebumps. It is amazing how the world has grown together, so I admire James and everybody like him, who helps to make dreams and miracles come true. The song "Hard Times" was an excellent choice.

Donna truly has an amazing mature voice. She looked gorgeous in her beautiful dresses. "Summertime" was probably my favourite "Donna Song".


Felix, my son was over the moon. It is awesome to see passion in young people. Before the concert was even over, they already had a standing ovation. The encore was Nessum Dorma (we learned the chorus fast and would you believe it there are still people out there who dare to venture into "tenor line territory". But I guess, James set them straigt.)


Overall impression was the CT's, Colm and Donna seemed to have had a lot of fun last night. They looked like they thorougly enjoyed themselves. They made everyone feel special and were swarmed after the show.


Felix and me can't wait for the new CD to come out. (We know we have to be patient as it is yet to be recorded.)


Since James mentioned before that he liked Vancouver Island very much, I hope he can convince the others to come back very soon!!!!


Add on:

I completely forgot to mention the canadian song "Four strong winds". I must admit, the CT version of it is even nicer than the ones I have heard from Neil Young or Peter Paul and Mary or John Denver. They invited everyone to sing along. I sure hope that they put it on the new CD. Can you tell that we are still in
the post concert mood?

So sorry, but I also forgot to mention the Roy Orbison song "A Love so beautiful". What an ear candy that was. Beautiful harmonies. Almost better than the original. Actually it was better! Thanks for your patience with me. Post-surgery brain is still in recovery! At least that is my excuse.