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2008-04-12 Ontario, Oregon USA

reviewed by Angie

Well, I was able to go to Ontario. I had a blast. I got to meet Kris and Camille, and I was able to talk to the Celtic Tenors, and Donna and Colm (is that how you spell his name).

Through out the concert, I was known as the lady who left her husband and kids in a motel somewhere (that's how James announced it.) I sat next to this older lady, who told me during the intermission, that "I can see why you like these guys so much, they're cute" While I was talking to Daryl, James, and Matthew, each of them told me that I should have brought my kids. I said they probably would have climbed up on stage. So basically next time I go, my kids can come and if they climb up on stage, Daryl will gladly hold them, just kidding.

What they didn't know at the time, was that my husband and kids did see them. We drove to the parking lot to see where I was supposed to park when I went to the concert (I have an issue with driving, and I have no sense of direction), and they were there sitting in their van. We drove by them, drove around in the parking lot, feeling little silly, and then when we drove back, my husband wasn't paying attention and we kind of drove straight at them for a couple of seconds. I waved and noticed that Matthew was laughing at us. I told him later that that was us and he said that I should have stopped and said hi.

So the concert was great, but I'm not going to go into detail about it, I'll let Kris and Camille do it. Plus I don't remember all the songs.

I'll just say that Matthew's dancing was great!