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2008-02-19+21 Palm Beach and Lake City FL, USA

reviewed by Susan

I hesitate to write a review of the two Florida concerts. I'm too intimidated by that recent illustrious tome penned by Lord Harding. I actually printed it out (all seven pages) and took it with me to read on the trip. His lordship mentioned that Colm's giggling was endearing. I didn't get a chance to speak or even be near Colm, but during one M&G a tenor who shall remain nameless asked me what I
thought of a particular song. I enthusiastically replied that I really loved it, and he turned a little pink. I found that endearing.

Usually-sunny Florida suffered from intermittent heavy rain on Thursday through Saturday. It finally cleared up on Sunday, but by that time the CT were off on their 700 mile road trip to Indiana and Dutchess was on her way back home. Dutchess' lip greatly improved during the week she spent here. Near the end of the week she finally removed the stitches, which had looked like bright blue
whiskers. The work those doctors did is amazing. She looks almost as good as new.

The tenors didn't do Danny Boy at the first concert, which apparently disappointed some people (not me), so they made a point to sing it at the second one. They approached the edge of the stage and sang it a capella, and it was lovely. I saw them for the first time last year, and expected some of their patter to be the same, but it was all new and just as enjoyable. It's amazing that they
had just flown over from the Netherlands the day before on an 11-hour flight and were that energetic at the first concert. I loved each and every song they did, and Donna and Colm were just

Both audiences were well behaved. No hecklers, so I guess that lady in the Netherlands stayed home. The only disturbance was the first night, when someone neglected to turn off a cell phone. If there were any children in the audience, they were as good as gold, because I didn't hear a sound except for those perfect voices and Colm's piano, followed by enthusiastic applause and whistling.

At the end of the first M&G, in Palm Beach Gardens, Dutchess, Pat and I were speaking to James. I was grumbling to him that I'd probably never, ever hear him sing "Summer of My Dreams," because he only sings it in the summertime. So he very softly sang one line to keep us from being disappointed. I just about stopped breathing because I was so thrilled, but Dutchess growled to him that it didn't count.

I got a few good photos (which I've posted), including one of Daryl leaning against a wall holding a can of Pepsi, looking like an advertisement in GQ magazine. Then I took an excellent one of James (in my humble opinion) in his red vest standing next to Donna in her red gown. It was hard to get a photo of all of them at one time, because they weren't sitting at a table, but moving around the room, but I got one that included Colm and Matthew.

Matt, the man of many talents, and a real cutie, by the way, was at both Meet & Greets, setting up the CD sales table. I wondered at the time why there was no mention of contributions for James' Kenya project.

I want to again thank Tom for our CT badges. I've tucked mine away for the next Florida concert, and I hope it won't be another year before they return.