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2008-02-10 Papendrecht

Got a bit dent there now!" "I'm sorry, was that a little too hard? You said to kick you a little harder this time." Matthew said.

-"But he didn't mean: land him in the seventh row!" Daryl pointed out, and added to the audience "He thinks he's Marco van Basten!!" James made sure to stay away from Matthew for the rest of the song&&

- During "An Poc Ar Buile" the guys all kept half an eye on Robbie to see if he did his "jazz hands" during the "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-lee-lu". He started doing that a few concerts ago (raising his hands in the air and shaking them a little to indicate that the audience should stop clapping), but the guys hadn't noticed it the first few times. In Roosendaal, Matthew told the audience they could do it too if they
wished, but that he wouldn't advise it! ;)

- The guys interrupted "Whiskey in the Jar" during the first chorus to teach the audience to clap properly.

Merchandise sales went remarkably well for such a small crowd, and we had a great collection for Kenya as well. We have almost sold out of Donna's CDs, and sold out of DVDs a few days ago, but we should have new DVDs by Cuijk. The audience was very enthusiastic, and there were a few very nice reactions in the "reaction book" that was out in the foyer for the audience.

I'll be off to Cuijk tomorrow, and will be staying there until Wednesday morning, but I will bring my laptop and see if I can get online post-concert to report on how Cuijk went. Looking forward to seeing Andrea and Veronika there!! :))