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2008-02-09 Rosendaal

reviewed by Rianne

A little later than it should be, but here's a review for Roosendaal. The song list was still the same, so I won't list it here anymore, but I just wanted to say that I still can't get enough of "Pie Jesu" and "Bring Him Home" in particular. There is just something about
that song.....

- Daryl has learned some new Dutch lines to tease James with. When James complains that Daryl "comes to a beautiful country such as the Netherlands and can only say "gekke geit"" (which Daryl likes to say during the introduction of "An Poc Ar Buile"), Daryl now says "I am a man of few words" in Dutch  and he does very well!!
- The guys got their chance to walk off the stage and pretend the show was over when the music in "All Out Of Love" stopped for a second, because there was a huge applause!

The merchandise sales went very well again, and we got 159 euros for Kenya! Anja is right, "Still By Your Side" is one of the songs many people ask for when they are looking at the CD. One thing many people ask me is if the songs they sang that evening are on the CD, as in all of them, and strangely, some of them are actually disappointed and/or surprised when I tell them that "only" a few of the songs are on the CD. What do they expect, that the guys make that CD, make the song list on that CD their concert song list, and then never change it until they get a new CD?? Weird.....

Anyway, the concert in Roosendaal was another success. My father had come to the concert as well and he really enjoyed it.