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2008-02-08 Aalst

reviewed by Rianne

The first Belgian concert of this tour was a roaring success. The host of the venue told us that they had done very little as far as promotion for the concert is concerned, but it was still sold out about a month ago!! The song list is the same as Wageningen (and all the previous concerts but Bussum), so I won't put it in this review.

The guys' first experience with Belgium was a famously bad one (James even wrote a column about it, entitled "Belgian waffling leaves a sour taste" and dated 2005-07-26), so even though they had a good time in Hoeilaart last year, they were still a bit apprehensive about going back. Luckily, we were all treated very well this time, and the guys have changed their minds about the Belgians now:)

It's always nice for the guys to be able to perform in front of a full house. A smaller crowd might be just as enthusiastic as a bigger one, but empty chairs are still a slightly depressing sight!

We'll be back to Belgium for the Ieper concert at the end of this week, and after that, there will be only one more concert to go before the Dutch tour is over. I have really enjoyed this "run of the Netherlands" so far, and I already can't wait for the next time!