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2008-02-02 Zaandam

reviewed by Gabi and Klaus

here are a few impressions of our Zaandam tour.

On our way to the Netherlands we had to drive through an unpleasant snow storm, the temperature fell down dramatically and the sight was absolutely bad. But Klaus is a very careful driver and he knows the motorhome and it´s
reactions very well so we went through it well and healthy.

After passing the dutch border the sun came out again and accompanied us for the rest of the weekend ( but the cold wind stayed as well ).

In Zaadam we found a huge car park situated at the harbour of River Zaan. The site was facing the Zaantheatre and we only had to cross the bridge to reach it.

Before discovering the town of Zaandam we went into the theatre for some informations and views. By chance we met Anja and Beate in the foyer. Nice to meet you both again!!!

After that they went back to their hotel and Klaus and I walked through the pedestrian zone of Zaandam.

In the evening we went into the theatre, received our tickets and met Beate, Anja and Rianne ( nice to meet you again as well ) and we saw Ali, her friend and Marjoeska with her son.

Anja and Beate, it´s been a pleasure and loads of fun to spend the whole evening with you.

Rianne was doing the merchandise and we saw lots of people at the table ( hope the selling went well again? ).

In the hall we sat together with Anja, Beate and Rianne. We had a good view and we enjoyed every single moment of the concert.

The song list was the same as the other days ( please girls correct me, if I´m wrong ) but as encore there was only Nessun Dorma this time.

During the concert Anja, Beate and Rianne were mentioned by the tenors for their great work and support. And of course Anja and Beate for winning the Golden Award for the website, too.

The tenors also dedicated a song for Marjoeska ( Which one was it ? I´m not sure any more ).

Donna again was absolutely amazing. She looked stunning in her beautiful dresses and her voice was brilliant.

After the interval the audience sang Happy Birthday to Matthew and he received some beautiful red roses and presents from some well known
ladies in the front row.

Anja gave us some nice glow sticks and the five of us took them out for All out of love. The tenors handed out roses to some people in the audience.

I immediately fell in love with those sticks....he he he....Anja, I´m still smiling about my special attempts to get them glowing...

Anja, the sticks kept on glowing the whole night - there was no need to switch on any lights additionally :-))))).

The audience ( about 400 people, am I right? ) enjoyed the show and thanked with huge applause and standing ovations.

Thank you James, Matthew, Daryl, Donna, Colm and Robbie for the terrific show.

After that there was a lovely meet & greet, which included all the congratulations for our dear Matthew, conversations, hugs and of course the photoshootings ;-)))).

The time passed much too fast...time to say goodbye again.

Thank you for the music, for your kindness and patience and of course for our tickets ( my prize of the quiz ).

Thanks to you ALL for making this day a very special one.

Back at the motorhome we decided to leave the car park in Zaandam, because meanwhile it was crowded with cars and people therefore it would have been too loud to stay there overnight.

Finally we found a quiet place near a small channel in a little town - only to be shared with some ducks, geese and

Yesterday we made a short excursion to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and on the way home to Enschede at the German border...and Anja, what do you think could we have bought there..?????

Yippieeeeeh: Glow sticks !!!!!!

Klaus found them by chance and proudly presented them to me.

Love to you all, Gabi.

Greetings from Klaus as well.

P.S. Will post some photos soon.