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2008-01-30 Eindhoven

reviewed by Rianne

Okay, this one's a little late, but I had lots to do today, so you'll have to forgive me. Let's start out with the best news: the concert was practically sold out, which meant....wait for audience of about 1,000
people!! :-D I'm sure the open air concert two years ago (two years ago already - I can't believe that!) had something to do with it. Many people knew they were in for a treat here! And I must say, such a full auditorium
does look damn impressive - and sounds amazing!

The song list was the same as every other concert but Bussum, so this is (again) just for completeness:

- I'll Tell Me Ma
- Song For Ireland
- Finnegan's Wake (NEW!!)
- You Raise Me Up
An Cailin Rua
- Pie Jesu (NEW!!)
- Libiamo
- O Mio Babbino Caro
- Still By Your Side
- The Irish Rover
- In The Gloaming
- Remember Me


- The Holy City
- So Strong
- Ten Thousand Tears
- Ave Maria
- Katie
- The Mad Lady And Me (NEW!!)
- Bring Him Home
An Poc Ar Buile
- Caledonia
- Whiskey In The Jar
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye

- Nessun Dorma
- Danny Boy

Because there were so many people there, I also put more CDs and DVDs on the merchandise table than I had done the previous evenings, and by the time the interval was over I didn't really feel like taking
them off again and putting them back in the suitcase, so I stayed out in the foyer, where a TV and speakers made it possible for me to follow the show anyway.
Needless to say that the merchandise table was swamped after the show, so it was a good thing that Anja and Beate were there to help me, and at some point, even Matt pitched in to open the CDs/DVDs so
they could be signed! Thanks, everyone, for your help! I'm sure Anja and Beate will fill us in later on what happened in the hall after the interval.

Off to bed now. It's getting pretty late here!