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2008-01-29 Emmen

reviewed by Rianne

Well, everyone, that's another concert over, and 16 more to go! I'm on my laptop in my little hotel in Emmen now. The Emmen concert went very well, and as far as I could tell the audience really enjoyed it.
They did a pretty good job during "Nessun Dorma" too!

Even though the Bussum concert went very well (especially considering the circumstances), we were all glad Colm was back behind the piano. At this point, I must correct an oversight on my part. In my earlier
reviews, I have failed to mention the presence of the one and only Mr Matt Svobodny, our Celtic Tenors' irreplaceable tour manager. I don't know how I could have forgotten, but I hereby wish to make up for

Over the past few evenings, Matthew has mentioned (at the end of the show, on stage) that not only is Matt their tour manager, but he is also their soundman, accountant, therapist, dresser, fashion adviser,
lawyer....etc. Matt seems to get a new job every evening! :) He's a great guy, and I'm not sure if the guys would know what to do without him at this point!

Having our new musical director back means that the play list was back to "normal" as well, i.e. the same as in Vlaardingen and Hardenberg. Still, I'll copy it down to make this review complete.....

- I'll Tell Me Ma
- Song For Ireland
- Finnegan's Wake
- You Raise Me Up
An Cailin Rua
- Pie Jesu
- Libiamo
- O Mio Babbino Caro
- Still By Your Side
- The Irish Rover
- In The Gloaming
- Remember Me


- The Holy City
- So Strong
- Ten Thousand Tears
- Ave Maria
- Katie
- The Mad Lady And Me
- Bring Him Home
An Poc Ar Buile
- Caledonia
- Whiskey In The Jar
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye

- Nessun Dorma
- Danny Boy

There were a little over 200 people in the audience, which might not
sound like much, but we were told that this is about the normal
number of people they get for any show. Emmen isn't a very big
town. :)

A few people looked at the Kenya
folder as well, but unfortunately, we didn't get many donations this
evening. Better luck in Eindhoven, hopefully! Given the fact that the
guys performed there on the market square almost two years ago now
(time does fly!), I'm sure there will be more people there.

Anyway, it's getting late here, and it's time I get myself to bed.
Off to Eindhoven tomorrow morning!